Former NPSL Club Joins ASL

MUFC-logo-500 (2)Mass United dropped out of NPSL play prior to the 2013 season, and when the ASL was originally announced, Mass United was immediately a consideration as a founding club.Today the rumors were put to rest as former NPSL club Mass United has announced that they will join the upstart American Soccer League associated with former NPSL technical director Matt Driver.

The American Soccer League is being formed as a professional league with aims towards USSF division three sanctioning. According to the league website, the ASL ”business model resolves issues that have hindered pro leagues in the past including large travel budgets, unorganized league structure, and high entry fees.” Just how they aim to do this remains to be seen.

Displacing USL Pro (or even the PDL or NPSL for that matter) seems like a tall order, especially for a league billing itself as ‘professional’. But, you can read about that here.

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