Reflections: The NCAA and Holism

I recently posted some reflections on the NCAA and Unions from a twitter conversation with @pdenglert. There were several strands of thought going on in that string of tweets, and I wanted to pick back up on one of them I left out in the earlier post.

I noted that against the idea that athletics are potentially out of place in higher education, it could be countered that this position blatantly accepts a mind/body dualism.

@pdenglert but there is 1 counter argument here - that in a holistic sense, athletics is just another way of knowing/learning/etc.

— Zach Smith (@zsmith78) January 29, 2023

I would offer that such a dualism disregards what phenomenology might refer to as an embodied epistemology - that is, a physical way of knowing.

Read the rest of the article at

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