Puerto Rico FC Announces NPSL Club

The rumors have been out there for a while about a potential NPSL club  in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico FC Press Conference

Puerto Rico FC Press Conference

And with this, its official.

My initial comments on the announcement were skeptical: And I’m still skeptical. There are a lot of things that aren’t known, and I’m willing to be proven wrong. But at this point, the burden of evidence is that Puerto Rico FC will fold in a year or two, to be replaced by another overly optimistic venture.

EDIT: Since posting, I have received a couple of new details regarding the Puerto Rico FC announcement. Commissioner Hitchcock pointed out via twitter that the club has Adidas as a major sponsor:

Additionally, the club (with support from local government officials) will be helping out significantly with the travel expenses of visiting clubs.

So, it would seem that my initial concerns for the other clubs was unfounded. I said I was  willing to be proven wrong, and there you have it - though I maintain that whether this can be considered ‘sustainable’ is up for debate.

At any rate, Puerto Rico FC seems to have a dynamic and committed ownership and it is always good to see strong clubs joining the league.

Additional note: I changed the title of this post to reflect that this announcement was made by the club, and not NPSL.

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