NPSL Expansion News: Real Phoenix FC

Real Phoenix FC have announced a tryout for a team seeking admission to NPSL. At this time it appears that the club will use 2013 as a pilot season and will seek entry to the NPSL for the 2014 season. The league has yet to comment on the status of Real Phoenix, but it seems likely that Phoenix would join the Southern Division of the Western Region.

Real Phoenix is an offshoot of the PASL (indoor/arena soccer) club with the mission, “to promote, govern, oversee, plan and coordinate amateur and professional football in Phoenix Arizona, and to provide quality football entertainment to the community.”

It will be interesting to see how this club will develop, especially in light of the new USL PRO club Phoenix FC Wolves who have just opened play this last week and the seemingly defunct Phoenix Monsoon who participated in the 2012 NPSL season.

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  1. Rosario Lopez Jr

    We are also looking to schedule matches with any NPSL team that will have us. We will travel, if your interested please contact us.

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